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My Pages book review

Review by Wayne Till

My Pages - a book review

My Pages by Gary Rosenzweig, published by QUE books, 2013. $24.99

My Pages, by Gary Rosenzweig is a thorough examination of Pages capabilities with step by step instructions.

If all you intend to use Pages for is general correspondence and an occasional holiday letter or flyer, the little booklet that comes with iWork and the Pages Help menu are all you need. However, if you want to use Pages for business correspondence, newsletters, brochures, or other more advanced projects, this is the book for you!

The book is well-written with illustrated examples and step by step instructions for virtually any task Pages can handle.

It starts with word processing documents and encourages you create a document and follow along with their sample. It then encourages you to create a Page Layout document, and explains the differences and advantages of each format.

The author then gets down to the features that advanced users are looking for, such as: adding images; wrapping text around images; adding tables headers, and footnotes; creating merge documents; adding hyperlinks; text styles; creating your own templates; and creating charts. The book also discusses Pages integration with Numbers and the Address Book app (or Contacts app).

I’ve used both MS Word and PageMaker in the past, and Pages can handle 75% or more of the tasks those programs can do. I didn’t realize all of its capabilities before reading this book. It is quite amazing for a program that retails for $79! But to take full advantage of Pages capabilities, you need a guide like this one. It is easy to read and easy to follow the examples, and I recommend it.

Wayne Till

My Pages by Gary Rosenzweig, published by QUE books, 2013. $24.99


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