Special Session outline for Tuesday, June 17, 2014


North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG)
Special Session on Tuesday, June 17, 2014
6 to 8:30 p.m. at Rohnert Park Senior Center (6800 Hunter Drive)
NCMUG will be providing pizza, salad and soda (at 6 pm), meeting will start at 6:30

This meeting will be facilitated by Lynn Woznicki, owner of Woznicki Consulting.

Opening Statement

We have reached the end of an era for NCMUG. It has been an exciting ride these last 30 years and we have accomplished great things thanks to many committed volunteers who have given of their time, energy and hearts.

Today, we ask you to help NCMUG leave status quo behind and help us to create a new, sustainable vision that provides for membership growth. Help NCMUG create a blueprint for the future both in word and action. It is time to transition to new leaders who will develop and carry a new, relevant vision forward.

1.0 Share Guidelines/Parameters for Tonight’s Session
NCMUG is committed to pursue one of two paths:

1. Move towards dissolution
2. Move towards something other than status quo—a new vision and purpose.

More of the same is unacceptable—even if more “helpers” are identified. A new, relevant and feasible desired future (mission and vision) must be identified in tonight’s process. The new future must provide for membership growth—not just sustain the current dwindling membership.

The current board will not continue indefinitely to lead the declining status quo nor the new future but will remain a part of the process for their remaining terms (to March 2016) or longer if they choose to stay involved in NCMUG.

We are looking for motivated leaders who are not current board members to step up and assume full responsibility for developing and leading the new vision.

A minimum of 7 new, qualified board members must be identified and agree to the terms of service and responsibilities as outlined in the NCMUG By-laws and Procedures. The new board members will join the existing team and commit to putting all new plans and ideas into action.

A decision will be made by July 1, 2014 regarding which of the two paths will be pursued.

2.0 Check for Understanding

Discussion with participants to check for understanding of the guidelines as outlined.

3.0 Identify New Vision and Mission for NCMUG
Pending interest and session participation, begin the process to identify a new vision and mission for NCMUG.

4.0 Identify New Leadership to Develop and Carry the Vision Forward

5.0 Next Steps

- Lorene Romero
President, North Coast Mac Users Group

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