Product review: PDFpenPro for Mac version 6.0.4

Product: PDFpenPro for Mac version 6.0.4
Creator:  Smile Software,
Price: $99.95
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Reviewed by Amanda Lee Pearson, Graphic Designer of Okini Design and NCMUG Board Director
Rating: Awesome, 4.75 out of 5 Macs
PDFpenPro for Mac version 6.0.4
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As technology grows and provides us with more and more options to organize or work more efficiently, I often feel overwhelmed by too many options that don’t quite have everything I want in one program.
As a designer, I strive to customize even the simplest of forms such as QuickBooks invoices.  Yes, though Intuit has done a great job providing better templates, the things I cannot do is mark PAID with custom payment details for clients who have submitted deposits, for example, or add a signature or written note of thanks.  My workaround for this has been to 1) enter all financial details into QuickBooks for record keeping, and then 2) recreate the invoices in InDesign for those customized details.  I realized I was doubling my work, but willing to sacrifice time for a better client experience with my documents.
Well, no more!
Solution?  PDFpenPro by Smile Software.
Can I say that I love this program more than some of my relatives?  (shhh…)
With PDFpenPro’s library of graphics, I can now save my signature in my favorite purple color as well as my branded Okini graphics to tag onto any PDF document.  I can also save groups of text boxes to update payment or deposit details for each project.
And shall we start dancing down the path of other things PDFpenPro can do?
1.    Customize those W2 forms that clients inevitably need during tax season
2.    Replace text in original PDF with editable text blocks
3.    Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
4.    Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on scanned documents
5.    Converts websites into multi-page PDF documents (an option with Pro version only)
6.    Insert and remove pages; re-order pages in a PDF by drag-and-drop
7.    Markup documents with highlighting, underscoring and strike-through
8.    Available in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Italian.
9.    If you sign up on their email list, they will provide FREE wonderful tips to make it even easier to use their program












Bottom Line:

PDFpenPro by Smile Software is amazing.  For such a powerful program, it is so easy to use and makes me feel like “I finally know what I’m doing.”   Stop wasting your time with cutting and pasting or other workarounds.  This is a no-brainer and total win.  You won’t be disappointed!

NCMUG Board Director Amanda Lee Pearson has owned and operated Okini Design for 17 years, offering distinctive graphic design for marketing communication.  She also serves as Co-Vice Chairman for the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

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