Day of the Event Volunteers

MCE is a large effort that starts in February with an MCE Committee. On the day of MCE, we need volunteers to staff rooms, tables, setup, takedown, etc.

If you have a few hours to spare on a Saturday in October, we would appreciate your help with MCE and receive a nifty gift. Plus, know you are supporting a great event and an all volunteer Users Group!

Let us know if you can volunteer by sending a message to [email protected]


Below is a list of the volunteer descriptions the day of the event:

Welcome Table

Location: MCE Welcome Table just outside the main entrance.

  1. Greet the visitors to MCE.
  2. Orient visitors to the vendor floor and pointing out the speaker locations and scheduling information. Pointing out the raffle table and membership table locations. There will be a number of signs provided for speaker schedules, and these will be posted throughout the main floor so visitors can easily find them.
  3. Hand out any vendor materials available.

This is a Sit Down Job 

Roving Raffle Ticket Sales

Location: Vendor Floor and Lobby.

  1. Sell raffle tickets to visitors on the floor. Making sure the ticket buyers understand that they must take their ticket stubs to the raffle table to place into the raffle bin or they cannot win. They need not be present to win and winner’s names will be posted at the Raffle Prize Table during the day. You will be given a schedule of the drawing times and a list of the prizes.
  2. Answer questions about MCE and NCMUG as appropriate. Direct visitors to the NCMUG Membership Table if they seem interested in joining.

This is a walking job.

Raffle Prize Table

Location: Lobby

  1. Receive the Raffle Ticket stubs, making sure they are filled out correctly and deposited safely into the drum
  2. Draw and list the winners and posting their names on the white board during the day.
  3. Answer questions about the Raffle and the prizes
  4. Hand out the prizes to the lucky winners

This is a partial sit down job.

Set up and Clean Up

Location: Entire Facility

  1. Put up and taking down signage
  2. Put on and take off Table Clothes (and counting them!!!!)
  3. Help Vendors find their tables and getting setting up.
  4. Help breakdown the main hall vendors tables
  5. Keep attendees out of the Vendor floor prior to the opening.

No sitting on this job!

Volunteer Check-in Table

Location: Check-in table

  1. Check off volunteers as they arrive and alert them to their station and times.
  2. Hand out volunteer goodies and check off on the list who has received them.
  3. Take reports of problems and get the information to the Volunteer coordinator.

This is a sit down job

Room Monitor

Location: Assigned Room

  1. Must be comfortable speaking to large audiences and speaking loudly enough to be heard.
  2. Responsible for managing speaker events in the assigned room.
  3. Get there 15 min early and leave only when your replacement arrives
  4. Ensure all attendees are seated and quiet prior to presentation. (You will not have to introduce the speaker to the audience as there will be someone from the Board to do so)
  5. Provide water to the speakers. Bottled water will be available to give to the speakers in the rooms.
  6. Count and record the number of attendees in the room 15 minutes after the start of each presentation.
  7. Keep track of speaker time. This includes making sure the speaker starts on time, as well as showing appropriate 5 minute, 3 minute, and “I’m getting Lorene!” signs to help the speaker end on time. (signs will be provided)
  8. Contact Lorene if the speaker does not end within 1 minute of presenting the “I’m getting Lorene” sign.
  9. Contact the Roving Technician if there is a technical problem with any equipment.
  10. Make sure the expensive equipment in the room does not leave the room. NCMUG is borrowing sound and other equipment to host the event. We are responsible for the cost if it is lost or stolen.

This is a stand up job

Parking Assistants

Location: Parking Lot

  1. Help guide attendees to the spillover parking across the street
  2. Direct people to handicap spots or passenger downloading
  3. Answer questions from persons who want to know what event is happening in the Center
  4. Guide people to the Recycling Drop Off

This is an outdoor stand up job