Hard Drive Recycle Program

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  • Donate your old hard drive while at Mac Computer Expo and get a raffle ticket to win a Mac mini from HardDriveRecycle.com!

    The more drives you donate, the better your chances to win the Mac mini.

    HardDriveRecycle.com will bring tools to remove your drives, then you can give the computer body to Goodwill Industries Recycling who will also be at Mac Computer Expo.

    Upon donating your drive, it will be electronically shredded using Department of Defense specs ensuring that your personal data is removed completely from the hard drive that you are donating.

    No one will be able to scour your hard drive for ANY of your personal pictures, financial files or other sensitive data.

    No one will have access to your software serial numbers, which means no one will be able to use your licensed software illegally.

    Your hard drive’s parts will be used as “DONOR PARTS” for our recovery lab, helping to keep costs down for our customers by providing recyclable electronic components that make up your hard drive.

    HardDriveRecycle.com is part of The Data Rescue Center a data recovery company founded in 2023 and a division of Prosoft Engineering Inc founded in 1985.