Bert Monroy’s Times Square

We are thrilled not only to have Bert Monroy at Mac Computer Expo to talk about the techniques he used to create Times Square, but we also have on display a 5-foot-by-25-foot digital illustration of his New York’s Times Square creation! Every element of Times Square was meticulously created from scratch — not from photographs — using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The 6.5-gigabyte image was built pixel by pixel, using more than 750,000 Photoshop layers.

Facts and Figures about Bert Monroy’s Times Square:

  • It is the largest image Bert Monroy has ever created: 60″ x 300″.
  • The painting comprises over 5,000 individual Photoshop and Illustrator files.
  • The overall image contains over 500,000 layers.
  • The flattened file weighs in at 6.52 Gigabytes.
  • It took four years to create.

Visit Bert Monroy’s site to explore the Times Square illustration more in depth.