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Jul 14 2008

Want to help with MCE? Here’s how

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Hey All….NCMUG will be selling MCE Raffle tickets at the next two
General Meetings…bring your piggy banks and cash in for a chance to
win some Awesome prizes! Wait till you see what has been scored for this
year’s Raffle, you will want to buy lots of chances!

If you want to enhance your chance to win….volunteer to sell raffle
ticket at the MacComputerExpo….for every 15 you sell, you get one

Email Jerrie at

<[email protected]>

for more information

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Jun 04 2008

Volunteers needed for MCE

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The MCE is coming, the MCE is coming!!! Our wonderful Mac Computer Expo will happen again this year, but not without your help! Aunt Jerrie wants you!

Just two hours of your time will help support this great event which is a member benefit and features over 20 vendors and 8 great speakers.

So….here are the duties…name your preference and join the team! Full descriptions of duties will be posted at the next general meeting….or you can contact me directly:

[email protected]

Set up Crew-(9am-10am-ish)

Welcome Table-(10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)
Membership Table (10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)
Raffle Table (10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)

Roving Raffle Sales (10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)
Room Monitor, as needed during (10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)
Speaker Introductions, as needed during (10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm)

Cleanup Crew 4pm- 5pm-ish

-Jerrie Patterson

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