Jun 16 2008

Ronnie Roche has TWO speaking sessions at MCE

Published by Lorene at 9:33 pm under Speakers

Computer Maintenance & Backup 101:

Learn to be at peace with your computer. Now that Apple’s next
generation of OS X - Leopard - has arrived let’s take a look at the
best way to keep your computer on cruise control. We will start with
the built in utilities and how they have changed. Which 3rd party
programs should you own and which ones should you avoid? Should you
optimize? What about safe install practices for software updates and
new software? And a brief look at that ever popular topic - Backup -
you do don’t you? No excuses now that you have Leopard!

Leopard Unmasked:

Come see what cool tricks Leopard can do! Search with Spotlight over
multiple computers, control how Time Machine behaves, find hidden
menus for managing your printers and more. This will be a fun and
practical look at how to get the most out of Leopard.

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