Xtremity - iPod mini accessory kit

by Billy Nickerson

The first thing I noticed about Xtremity was that the amount of packaging that it used for the size of the product seemed a bit excessive. Once the box is opened, you'll find five basic parts: a universal clip that holds the iPod mini, a neck strap with an small attachment plate, a standard swivel belt clip, and two small attachment plates.

The universal clip is white, not silver, as mentioned on the box, and coordinates well with any color mini. Inside the clip are two rubberized surfaces that prevent the mini from accidentally slipping out of it once secured inside. The back of the clip has two larger rubberized surfaces that prevent the mini from sliding around on a surface when is not attached to anything. I'm constantly worrying about my mini sliding onto the floor, so this is a smart addition.

The neck strap is a thin, plastic-covered, wirey cord with a small white attachment plate dangling at the end. The plate attaches to the mini's clip so that it can be conveniently hung around the neck. Another smart addition is a small clip on the strap itself so the distance the mini hangs can be adjusted to suit an individual's taste.

The swivel belt clip is black and is like that used with many mobile phones. No big surprise that it is black and not white - after all, how many people wear white belts? In my opinion, this is the most useful accessory as I love jogging with my mini and using the neck strap just won't work.

The final parts are two small, black attachment plates with adhesive backs. I peeled back a bit of the adhesive to check its consistency and it felt really tacky: the good part - once you get it stuck, it ain't goin' nowhere; the bad part - once you get it stuck, it ain't goin' nowhere. Unfortunately, they are both black, with no choice of a white and a black one. After the clip is attached, it is not a problem as you won't see it anyhow.

At $29.95, I think this kit is on the expensive side, considering the most complex piece - the belt clip - can be had for about four bucks. However, all things considered, if you want attachability, it is an attractive product - just look around for a lower price.

Company: XtremeMac
Website: http://www.extrememac.com/
Price: $29.95
Requirements: iPod mini