What brings over 500 people together to be a part of North Coast Mac Users Group? Why would an average of about a hundred of them show up once a month in person to chew the fat about the Mac? Because at NCMUG, you give a little and get a lot.volunteers

NCMUG is about people helping people learn all about the Mac. At meetings, visitors are welcomed by one of a cadre of volunteers who help them get oriented and point them to people and resources that are available. Speakers run the gamut from authors, software and hardware vendors, to club members with special talents. Beyond the meetings, there are special interest groups (SIG's), workshops, members only discounts from major Macintosh vendors, an award-winning newsletter, website and on-line members-only email lists that keep people sharing around the clock. All of these resources are available to members, whether or not they can attend meetings.

The NCMUG board (over a dozen hardworking volunteers) works behind the scenes to keep the club on the cutting edge by networking with groups around the country (and the planet, actualy.) The board orchestrates an annual fundraiser where software and hardware vendors show and sell products. This free, public event includes a wide variety of workshops from digital photography to business software solutions. NCMUG has run a user group booth at MacWorld San Francisco for several years and been a part of User Group University, held in conjunction with, but separate from MacWorld Expo.

So, do you understand a bit more about why this club flourished since 1984. Lots of members, giving a little, means lots of members, getting a lot.

NCMUG is a California non-profit corporation. You can access the NCMUG By-Laws and Policies in pdf format below: