Total Training: The Essentials of Adobe GoLive CS

Total Training GoLive CS

Total Training: Adobe GoLive CS
Manufacturer: Total Training
Retail Price: $49.99

Adobe GoLive CS is a very underrated jewel for Web-site design and management. It is powerful and elegant and does not have a very steep learning curve. Steve Holmes guides the viewer through learning the essentials of Adobe GoLive CS by way of nine lessons for creating and managing a successful Web site. Each lesson is organized into several sections for easy navigation and for the viewer's complete control within the player. Or you can use the listed lesson overview included with the CD which also includes a list of time in minutes for each section.

Total Training has its own custom CD interface to allow you to view what you want, when you want it, and places your project files on your computer for convenient access to them. This CD packs a wallop of information in three hours. This is a true indicator of how easy GoLive CS is to learn and use without needing an ounce of html code.

Steve Holmes also demonstrates how easy it is to integrate files and photos from the other Adobe Creative Suite files like Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS.

I particularly enjoyed Lesson Four on Cascading Style Sheets. What Steve Holmes disliked most about the Web as a graphic medium was its apparent inability to allow for decent layout of type, where everything seemed to appear in Times New Roman, big and, without clean white space. Well, not anymore when using GoLive's CS Cascading Style Sheets where you can control type size, color, style and leading. He shows you how to jazz up your site, making it more attractive, and unique with your own individual style using CSS.

I recommend this training video to anybody who wants to get a jump-start to using Adobe GoLive CS. It is worthwhile having a tutor handy for quick reference whenever you need it.

Review by NCMUG member Maria O. Arguello