GraphicPrima Select Premium Leather Flip Styel Case for iPhone

Prima Select Premium Leather Flip Styel Case for iPhone
Manufacturer: The Colemax Group, LLC
Retail Price: $42.95

The first pleasant surprise about this beautiful case was the red color. The shade of red on the real case is a very elegant darker, smoky red. The red shown on the website is brighter and not as pleasing as the real one. The case is also available in black and slate grey. The second surprise was the plush leather. It did not disappoint.

The Prima Select Premium Leather Flip Style Case fits my 16 GB iPhone perfectly. The openings around all the ports are exact and do not interfere with connectivity of cables, or accessibility to the buttons or volume controls. The case has perforations over the microphone and the speakers at the bottom of the iPhone. I was concerned they might block the sound but found the case amplified the volume instead. This was another pleasant surprise.

When the case is closed, it protects the iPhone completely. The snap is aligned perfectly, making it easy to close quickly. There are four credit card or ID slots. The one big negative I have with this case is that there is no place for my headphones.

A removable swivel clip is available. I prefer to put my iPhone in my purse. The case keeps it protected from scratches and sharp objects.

When you visit the site, you will be impressed by the array of cases to choose from many manufacturers.

This Leather Flip Style Case is très chic. Everybody that sees me with it wants to touch it and asks where they can get one. I recommend it highly for your iPhone.

Review by NCMUG member Maria O. Arguello