Graphic iWUG Business Stationery Design Kit for PagesiWUG

iWUG Business Stationery Design Kit for Pages
Manufacturer: AWUG Store (Created by the iWork Users Group)
Retail Price: Members $29.95; Non-members $49.95
Requires Pages 1.0 or later

This is a pretty nifty idea. iWUG has put together over 400 pages of templates with more than 100 different themes. The themes aren’t wildly different; there are several that are very close in design. But that might come in handy if, for example, you really love design 12A, but the formatting isn’t quite what you’d like. Well then, just take a peek at 9B, C and D and maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t expect wildly creative stuff. The designs are business-like in nature and will work well for your business or for a professional-looking personal card.

First you consult the stationery sets guide to check out all the designs. Once you’ve picked one, memorize the code that accompanies it. For instance, I like 9D and 20B. So, I opened up the business card template and set about replacing the text in the example with my own text. After that, I copied my text and inserted it into the other templates; these include the memopad, letterhead and envelope templates. I saved each one and voila! I have a set of personalized stationery.

There is one thing I would have changed about the templates. I would have put each line of text in a separate box. That way you wouldn’t have to use the return key and every once in awhile that seemed to add a little additional space to the template. Reducing that random factor would be helpful. Beyond that, I suggest that iWUG add additional templates with more color and perhaps somewhat abstract designs.

The instructions are easy-to-follow and include screenshots, and, for example, suggestions on creating your memo pad with a link to an online source for padding supplies. There are also instructions on printing your stationery.

I found the software simple to use and I liked many of the templates. If you need to create stationery for your business, this would probably work well for you. If you’d like to create something more exciting for yourself, you can always replace the design elements with your own.


Review by NCMUG member Julie Dinkins