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Manufacturer: Mobile Juice
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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most graceful person in the world. For me to have electronic products in my life, they must be pretty durable. The bag I use as a cover for my PowerBook is no different. I tend to drop or spill things when I shouldn’t.

I use a Mac Sleeve to protect my PB. Many times, I just need to take my laptop with me, and I do not need the power supply, cables and all the other doodads that live in my traditional computer bag. This is where Mac Sleve comes in.

Mac Sleeve is a protective bag that you can just put your portable computer in and go. There are no pockets for accessories. What I particularly like is the inner lip zipper protection. There is this lip inside that protects my PB from touching the zipper. The bag is cushy and has saved my “baby” from several bumps and bounces that would have been very painful to my pocketbook if I had not had Mac Sleeve around it.

There are a variety of sizes for PB, iBook and the new MacBook Pro. Colors range from orange, red (which is what I have), blue, black and green. It is small enough to carry in my computer bag if I want, for extra protection.

I really like it. I used to just carry my PB unprotected from time to time, but they do get scratched. Now this works great; it is light and protects against scratches.

Mac Sleeve gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. The only things missing are handles. That would be if I needed to carry it for long periods of time, but I mostly use it for short periods of time and I really appreciate its light weight and the protection it affords.

My life would be very complicated if I really damaged my powerbook.

Multiple colors available.

MacSleeve Discount on Group Orders
MobileJuice MacSleeve 15.4 inch encases your precious MacBook Pro while offering good protection, as well as integrating an IT lifestyle with technology and art. Extensive benefits include double padding for strong protection, high quality metal zippers with two zipper pulls and colors in black, blue, green and red.

Regularly $35.00 (US), user groups pay only $25.00 (US), plus postal shipping and handling. Individual orders must be gathered together (minimum of five) and submitted as a group purchase by the user group: orders will be shipped to the user group address (no P.O. boxes).

Group ambassadors can order by sending an email to [email protected], with number of items and coupon code.


Review by NCMUG member Lorene S. Romero