Event Detail

September 25, 2013

9:00 pm

Category: SIG\'sPhotography SIG September Meeting

First United Methodist Church – Carriage House
1551 Montgomery Dr.

Santa Rosa, CA 95405


(1) Color Management – An Introductory Tutorial by Grace Cheung-Schulman

In this digital photography age, we mainly edit and view our photographs on the computer. Rarely, if ever, do we print out our photos to show others or have them framed and hang on the wall. And when we do have them printed, we are often disappointed with how they look compared to what we saw on the computer monitor. At other times, we feel just as disappointed when we show our photos on the projected screen or other people’s computer. What happened? Is there a way we can control the output of our photos to look exactly as what we spent so many hours to perfect on our own computer?

Grace has been struggling with this problem for as long as she got serious with digital photography. She is going to share with you what she has learned so far, and continue to learn, about color management workflow, monitor calibration, printer calibration, projector calibration, and camera calibration.

(2) Old School/New School: A Commercial/Advertising Photographer’s Views on the Changes in Photography – A Talk by Ed Aiona

Ed Aiona is a commercial/advertising photographer based in Santa Rosa. This is what he wrote about himself:

“I tell myself that my photography career was started by a dim spark I believed to be divinely inspired. After entering a few photo contests with my new camera – I was rewarded with a few prized finishes. Proudly, I concluded that I must be a natural talent at this (I was a frustrated baseball dreamer) and I could make an easy living, I proclaimed.

“Fast forward 25 years – polaroids, transparencies and negative, film to digital and here and now, I can honestly say nothing about this journey has been an easy one. And about talent, well… I don’t know what that is anymore. What I have concluded so far is a “trust in yourself and vision” and other important qualities MATTERS MORE.

“I have worked as a transportation planner in the San Francisco and as a salesman in a local camera store, and finally as a photographer here Santa Rosa for over 25 years. And over that time I have had the good fortune to work with some very good designers and fearless business folks. My good fortunes continues… “

You can see Ed’s portfolio at his website at – http://www.edaiona.com/