O c t o b e r     M e e t i n g

Peter Tempel - Aladdin Systems

Peter will be showing StuffIt Deluxe for OS 8.6 - OS X.x, including Magic Menu, StuffIt Context Menu, Archive Search (a Sherlock for StuffIt archives) and StuffIt Express PE (now automate your most frequent file transfer tasks). Peter can also answer your email attachment and file compatibility questions. Peter will then show off the all new Spring Cleaning 5.0!, including Cookie Editor (automatically delete or accept Cookies based on your criteria), Custom Search (tailor your searches), Drag and Drop (search specific folders), Quick Compare (now for folders & files), and the System Menu (a Spring Cleaning menu in the Finder). Aladdin software will be on sale at special User Group prices, and no sales tax or shipping that night. Due to Aladdin's top-secret schedule, there may even be a special announcement at this Demo; best not to miss this one folks!

  Location: Rohnert Park Senior Center
  Date & Time: October 15, 2002, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  Cost: Free to NCMUG members, $5 for non-members