Total Training: Adobe Creative Suite from Design to Delivery

Review by NCMUG member Maria O. Arguello

In this series Steve Holmes, an award-winning designer for Print and the Web, shows the workflow and in-depth training integrating the Adobe Creative Suite. It reminds me of Apple's iLife, which also integrates all the components elegantly. He takes an entire project from hand-drawn design concept, through layout, image creation, and print preparation to HI-res PDF, and finally to a dynamic interactive web site. He emphasizes shortcuts and tips to make you more productive.

This series is composed of three CDs with an extra CD for the Project Files to follow along with Steve Holmes for the hands-on step-by-step lessons. Program 1: Design, Creation & Layout has nine chapters. Program 2: Final Artwork, Prep & Output has seven chapters. Program 3: Web Design and Delivery has nine chapters. There are more than eight hours filled with step-by-step directions integrating Adobe's collection of creative software. You learn how each element in the Creative Suite contributes to a project and how they work together to produce a quality result. The graphics professional will get a quick start with this new product.

With this series you understand the workflow and the creative aspects of design. The benefits of this series for me were mainly in seeing a project unfold from beginning to end and how the magnificent new Adobe Creative Suite works together synergistically.

Pros: The instruction is thorough, engaging, and entertaining.

Cons: Mac OS X users need to activate the TCS Installer.

I give this product 4.5 out 5 Apples. It is very, very good.

Product: Total Training: Adobe Creative Suite from Design To Delivery
Company: Total Training
Running Time: 8+ Hours; 4 CDs Price: $99.99
Experience Level: Graphics Professionals
Minimum Requirements: QuickTime Warranty: Money-Back Guarantee