Graphic pagesender: Powerful Fax Softwarepagesender

pagesender: Powerful Fax Software
Manufacturer: Smile on My Mac
Retail Price: $29.95 (free demo available)

Philip Goward of SmileOnMyMac will be the speaker at the NCMUG May meeting. He will be focusing on browseback and their CD and DVD labeling software, but SmileOnMyMac offers some other programs that fit special computer user needs.

I recently downloaded and used their pagesender program. While many printer companies are promoting units that print, scan, copy and fax, for those who have stand alone printers and need to send that occasional fax, pagesender can be the answer. Their advertising calls it a full-featured fax software program that really works and it does.

Pagesender works with Mac OS X using an internal modem, external modem, fax-equipped mobile phone. In addition, information may be faxed via an E-mail service. It will send anything you can print under Mac OS X versions from Puma through Tiger and the web site states it is “Intel -Ready Already.”

The program is added to the printer list and accessed through the print dialog. It works with Address Book as well as Entourage, Now Contact, Palm, direct entry of fax numbers and can also send faxes via email. It has more features than the OSX fax program. The install directions are straightforward and there is good support on the web site.

Pagesender, or OSX fax, needs a modem connected to a telephone line. It can’t be used with a cable modem. Some new computer models are being shipped without modems so consider your communication and fax needs when purchasing a computer. For those of us out here in dial-up land, pagesender can be a real help.


Review by NCMUG member Joan O’ Brien