myPower for iPod and myPower FMmyPower FM

myPower and myPower FM
Manufacturer: Tekkeon
Retail Price: $34.95 myPower for iPod
Retail Price: $89.95 myPower FM

As most of you know, I love my iPod. I listen to books on tape, lots of different podcasts and, occasionally, music on it. It travels with me almost as much as my cell phone does. So, needless to say, I use it daily and wear the battery down on a regular basis.

The battery that comes with the standard iPod just does not do it for me. Luckily, I discovered Tekkeon. They have two devices that I adore because they both work well for me. The first is myPower, which is an extended battery, and the other is myPowerFM, a transmitter for your car.

myPower is an awesome battery pack (which also doubles as a portable dock); my iPod (3rd generation) fits right into the cradle. It fits pretty much any generation iPod because it comes with four sets of sizing pads that adjust the depth, if needed, to ensure a proper fit. It also comes with a belt clip, fire wire and USB cable.

They advertise that the battery life is up to 42 hours for the 6 GB iPod minis and mine actually gets close to the advertised 20 hours for a 3rd generation. I average about 18 hours with Tekkeon, which sure beats what Apple provides.

It also comes with a belt clip, 5v charging output, an on/off switch (to save power), a line in (for external speakers) and an indicator that shows your battery level.
This product can be purchased at several locations, including the Apple store for $89.95, or eCost.com for $72.95. I am very happy with this product and, best of all, no more drained iPods on my long road trips.

Tekkeon also makes another cool product called myPowerFM. It is an FM transmitter that allows you to transmit audio from your iPod to your close-by FM radio. I have worn through many of the 'cassette' style adapters that help me play my iPod via my car stereo. But most of all, I hate the cord that hangs from my tape deck to the iPod.

myPowerFM takes care of that little issue. It attaches to the myPower cradle and has seven preset FM frequencies. Best of all, it can reach 15 feet and has a built-in antenna. So, if I were so inclined to have my iPod in the trunk of my PT Cruiser, it would work from there, too.
The best part is that you can switch frequencies with the one-touch channel tuner. The selected channel lights up and if it becomes weak, you can switch to the next.

Just like its counterpart, it can be purchased at the Apple store for $34.95, or at eCost.com for $29.94. Or, you can be a much better shopper and look at this month’s vendor offers and you will see that Tekkeon is offering a great deal for User Group members. In order to use myPowerFM you do have to have their myPower battery and dock. BUT if you purchase myPower, you will receive myPowerFM for free.

Both are great products and I really have been using the heck out of them. Their reps also happen to be coming to display and sell their wares at MCE on October 1. Is that too cool or what?

Review by NCMUG member Lorene Romero