The Big Box of Art

by Janet Mobely

So, do you need 800,000 images of clip art? Really? Well, no. But is sure is fun to have an embarrassment of riches. You can find just about any kind of clip art that you can imagine with this program from Hemera.

The size of the program does not relate to the slim manual in the box. However, the first page of the twelve-page manual states that you can access the full-length user guide online with a free download. The full-length guide is a whopping sixteen pages. Both versions have almost the same information and being that the program is so easy and intuitive the user does not need any more information.

The program comes on eight DVD discs and is 30 GB of images. The program comes on eight DVDs and all of the images are royalty free. You can get an additional bonus of 150 high-resolution professional stock photographs free from their web site. One of the online folders has a lot of web animations with a variety of subject matter.

As I needed to make some new return address labels, the first thing I did was look for a bird. My maiden name was Larke so I looked to see if The Big Box had a lark. I t did, it had fifteen pictures of larks! I discovered that the meadowlark is the state bird of North Dakota.

Being an animal lover I decided to see if there was a picture of my dog’s breed, the Brittany Spaniel. There was a clip art image rather than a photograph. I decided to put in the word Siamese and purposely did not put cat after it just to see what would come up. I got 37 thumbnails from photos to drawings to cartoons of cats, twins and fish.

You may wonder how one can use these graphics in programs that you already have or if you have to own a special application. The good news is that you an export any graphic to a folder and use it in twenty applications. Painter was not one that was mentioned but I found a work-around so Hemera can add one more to its list.

There are many types of images in The Big Box; photographs, clip art, cartoons and fine art. You can find just about any type of picture that you can imagine. These can be used to make greeting cards, posters, brochures and whatever. I put the graphic of the lark into a greeting card I made with Nova’s Print Explosion. The graphics shown on this page are an example of how well the images go into InDesign. There are images in The Big Box of Art that will delight all family members.

I own Hemera’s Photo objects Volumes I and II so that gives me another 100,000 images. Gee, do you think I’ll have enough to do whatever I want with graphics? I think so.

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