MCE Volunteering

NCMUG's Mac Computer Expo for 2006 is Saturday, October 7. The event runs from 9:30 to 3:30 at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Volunteer positions are available from 7:30 (setup), through the event, and through cleanup (3:30-5:00).

To volunteer, simply fill out the form below. Click here for job explanations. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to .

Jody Behrbaum

2006 MCE Volunteer Form

Please fill out all fields below. E-mail will be used as the primary vehicle for communication prior to the event. If you have a cell phone that you can bring to MCE, please provide the number so you can be contacted during the event.



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Setup - requires standing, walking, some jobs require lifting. Includes setup of signs, barricades, equipment, etc.

Membership Table - sit-down job. Work with NCMUG's membership secretary to process new memberships and membership renewals.

Raffle Table - sit-down job. Accept money for raffle tickets.

Welcome Table - stand up / sit-down job. Welcome people to MCE.

Roving Raffle - walk-around job with breaks as necessary. Solicit raffle ticket sales by walking around the expo floor.

Room Monitor - mostly sit-down job. Make sure people turn off their cell phones. Make sure the attendees get seated quietly. Generally make sure the speaker does not have to worry about anything going on in the room during the presentation.

Cleanup - requires standing, walking, some jobs require lifting. Includes tear down of everything that was previously set up.