The following are some guidelines to help you, the NCMUG member, to better understand how our member list server works. If you have any additions you can think of please email me directly ([email protected]) -Lorene
  • When replying to a message you received from the member list please reply to the member list, and not just the individual. This is a great opportunity for all NCMUG members to learn from one another. Please do not email the person individually unless they specifically ask people to do so.
  • If you do reply to a message make sure to delete the original sender's email address, other wise they get the message twice, once from the email and another from the member list.
  • Double check to make sure you are not posting a message that is actually a hoax email. Our webmaster had information on email hoaxes posted on the club's website. Please refer to our hoaxes page
  • Keep the MUG store discount message handy. It often lasts for 2-3 months.
  • Please be patient when asking to be removed from the list or to have your email address changed. A volunteer updates the NCMUG database; he does it as soon as he can.
  • Do not send messages with HTML or attachments, they will not go through.
  • Please use two or more word subject titles. Single word subjects will not be processed.
  • Be polite - Treat others on the list the way you wish to be treated, with courtesy and respect.
  • Be patient - Not everyone has as much time as you to answer and/or respond to email.
  • Be understanding - Not everybody knows as much as you do and may need some explanations for your points or questions.
  • Be forgiving - Others may be just getting the hang of hardware and/or software and may make mistakes.