How to Become a Power User (6/8/2002)
Hosted the Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus
by Ronnie A. Roche

Introduced by a gentleman named Duane, Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus stepped forth with a large cup of coffee in hand and a grin on his face. For the next 7 1/2 hours Bob expounded on the wonders of Mac OS X and filled our heads with his overwhelming knowledge of Mac OS X.

The morning started off slowly as Levitus polled a roomful of Mac OS X users, wannabe-users and soon-to-be users to discover their level of expertise and interests. He then gave us his favorite tips and hints taken from the archives of his OS X FAQ's Daily Tips mailing list.

As he pounded in the necessity of backing up and maintaining off site back-ups Levitus painted a picture of nuclear annihilation destroying nothing but your computer and everything attached to it (a simple fire could do the same thing but not as emphatically!) Needless to say, I am going to create a complete set of off site backups as soon as the new firewire HD I just ordered arrives!

After a break for lunch Levitus came back and dived right into the nitty-gritty of the day. He covered troubleshooting in OS X imparting enough information to write a small book chapter. The day finished with a shareware tour and Q& A session.

The entire day we were treated to the look and workings of his highly customized 800 mhz Titanium Powerbook (on loan from Apple.) Levitus has installed a myriad of applications to tweak the user interface of OS X. Many of these applications are directly responsible for facilitating the transition to "power user" that the seminar was about. Levitus is a firm believer in shareware and I do believe he is single-handedly responsible for keeping many shareware authors busily coding. At the end of the day all of us walked out of there richer in the knowledge that we are that much closer to the coveted title of "Power User."

(This event was held at the Rohnert Park Senior Center)

Photo 1-3: Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus
Photo 4-6: Seminar Participants
Photo 7: NCMUG Board Member Lorene Romero and
Bob Levitus
Photo 8: NCMUG Board Member Joan O'Brien and member Mac Carter
Photo 9: Bob Levitus and author Robin Williams