Mac World San Francisco
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The Booth at Macworld - 1 The Booth at Macworld - 2 Apple User Group Advisory Board... Warren Williams, Richard Crispin Rose Lynn, Gail Glore, Jonas Povilas Skardis, Lorene Romero. Del Missier, Diane Cohn, Lorin Evans and Chuck Joiner.
Gail Glore and Chuck Joiner preparing for the User Group University keynote speech MC of the International Panel, chuck Joiner Chuck Joiner, User Group Advisory Board Chairman, giving his key note at User Group University on 1/8/01
Kathy Aanestad on stage at keynote - 1 Kathy Aanestad on stage at keynote - 2 Veda Lewis and Kathy Aanestad at the Apple Breakfast
David Wysocki (NCMUG VP) and Diane Cohn (Apple User Group Program Manager) - 1 David Wysocki (NCMUG VP) and Diane Cohn (Apple User Group Program Manager) - 2 Rose Lynn giving presentation at UGU on Retail Stores relationship with User Groups
Andy Gore during the Eddy's (this is the Macworld Magazine Editor Choice Awards) held on Monday 1/08/01 David Pouge and Chris Breen at the Eddy's Sharon Asker holding the Eddy award that HP just won for best printer. Andy Sweeney, her father, is an NCMUG member.
Garr Reynolds giving his presentation at the UGU about Brand recognition and User Groups Panel members... Cys Bronner from World Without Borders, Chuck Joiner from Heresy Apple Core and Chairman of AUAB, Lorene Romero and Chris Breen Interview with Chris Breen
Gail Glore, Amaya Gergoff and Chuck Joiner on a warm SF Beach Lorene Romero, Amaya Gergoff and Chuck Joiner Richard Crispin
Gail Glore introducing Chuck Joiner Amaya Gergoff representing Venezuala, Lorene Romero representing the West Coast MUGS and Yuan-Yuan Sun, representing the Macintosh Users Switzerland Group Lorene and Rose at the early morning keynote by Steve Job's
Ronnie and Daniel Roche at the Apple Breakfast Daniel Roche with Apple Product Specialist Todd Benjamin Did Someone say TITANIUM